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Gate Valves Manufacturer

Controtek Global is involved in design manufacture and supply of innovative filtration solution. We serve a huge range of application including industries like oil, petroleum, chemical, fertilizer, pharmaceuticals, paper, distilleries, rubber, sugar, engineering, power and water treatment etc. We enormously affianced to manufacture the diverse variation of developed valves that are knife edge gate valve, butterfly valves, swing check valves, plug valves and needle valves etc. our products were widely used by the various industrial sectors for the different requirements.

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Our expert team always checks these products very minutely for every requisite details related to quality with the advanced checking parameters.

What do Gate Valves mean?

Gate valves will be valves that work by lifting of a round or rectangular door out of the way of the liquid. This valves encourages just unidirectional stream, yet dissimilar to globe valves they give a pedal to the metal stream to the liquid. The round or wedge formed ring is referred to a door as it moves an opposite way to the stream of the liquid. Snap here to find out about different kinds of valves, for example, Globe Valves that are utilized on different sorts of boats for various purposes.

Construction of a Gate Valve

Gate valves comprises of three fundamental parts: body, bonnet, and trim. The body is commonly associated with other equipment by methods for flanged, screwed or welded associations. The bonnet, which containing the moving parts, is connected to the body, typically with jolts, to allow support. The valve trim comprises of the stem, the gate, the disc or wedge and the seat rings.

Types of Gate Valves

  • Flexible wedge

Types of Disk

  • Solid taper wedge
  • Flexible wedge
  • Split wedge or Parallel disks Valve

Types of Body Bonnet Joint

  • Screwed Bonnet
  • Bolted-Bonnet
  • Welded-Bonnet
  • Pressure-Seal Bonnet

Types of Stem movement

  • Rising Stem or OS & Y Type (Outside Stem and Screw Type)
  • Non-rising Stem type

Applications of Gate Valves

  • Gate valves are used in almost all fluid services such as air, fuel gas, feed water, steam, lube oil, hydrocarbon, and all most any services.
  • Some special gate valve is used in slurry and powder product also such as knife gate valve

Advantages of Gate Valves

  • They are suitable for high pressure and temperature application and required less maintenance
  • Good shutoff features
  • Gate valves are bidirectional and therefore they can be used in two directions
  • Pressure loss through the valve is minimal

Gate Valves Price in India

We “Controtek Global” are one of the best Gate Valves manufacturers in India. We are energetically engaged to offer an outstanding quality of the industrial gate valves in diverse industrial sectors. As our organization is supply this efficient quality of Gate Valves exporter in reasonable prices so that our every consumer can easily avail us for our products. Our manufactured valves are considered to be one of the leading companies in the market for manufacturing the gate valves in India. Not just in India, but also clients from different nations generally reaching us due to our sturdy natured mechanical valves and furthermore proffering inside the buyers arranged costs.

Our products extend is like the worldwide standard of valves with the goal that our abroad shoppers can don’t hesitate to buy our gate valves. The extra preferred standpoint of working with best Indian organizations in valves industry and this has propelled us to make valves with great material of worldwide gauges at a reasonable cost. Our items are gone through stringent quality parameters required by universal norms.

Gate Valves Supplier

Controtek Global is a growing organization dedicated in designing and manufacturing of gate valves, knife gate valves, with a view to serve knife gate valve users a specific valve subject to application with best quality in a specified time and at a very reasonable price. We are making our presence in, Indian as well as world market.

Our company manufactured gate valves are reliable and durable products made for the use in pipe fittings. They are easily to use and fixing for closing the flow of water or other liquid. These are added as a section in the pipe to control the flow of the water according to the needs.

It has been considered the main controlling part which is joined in between the two sections of the pipe. Such valves have been the main and helpful part in the pipeline as they support in flowing of water and the controlling is done by them. They are made with a round shaped handle at the upper of the valve and the flow control is fixed between the pipe portions.

We deal in different kinds of valves as they are considered as our major producing business but gate valve has been known as our main product. As we have a huge quantity of product manufactured as different types of gate valves. Some of the gate valve category represent as knife gate valve, concentric butterfly valve, double eccentric center flange ball valve, pneumatic butterfly valve and flange butterfly valve etc. We use international standards of quality material to make all these several types of valves in our own product line which are further exported to our international customers of the world.

We are considered as the top most quality exporters of India. Our main motive is to build a long lasting trust over our valued customers all over the world in including our own country with the products made with quality and 100% standard. We are committed to provide the heavy duty and reliable products with the best and reasonable price to our clients.

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